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What Cruising Might Look Like After Coronavirus – Part Two

Cruising After Coronavirus - Possible ChangesIn the first of this two part series we discussed just some of the ways that the cruising experience could change after things start up again - especially in terms of planning and arriving at your cruise.  Once underway, some cruise for the onboard experience, and others for the ports, so we’ll lay out our predictions for how those things may change as well... read more

What Cruising Might Look Like After Coronavirus – Part One

Fake HAL Social Distancing AdCOVID-19 has already changed most parts of our lives in some way.  At some point – hopefully sooner than later – we’ll start to return to a new normal.  When that happens, and cruise ships start carrying guests once again, some things are likely to change – whether for months, years, or longer.  Let’s play fortune teller and try and think of some of the changes we might see coming soon both before and during our cruises... read more

Cruise Lines Extending Operational Suspensions and Temporary Cancellation Policies

When can we cruise again? Cancellations extended due to COVID-19In the first part of March just about every cruise line suspended operations throughout the globe because of the global spread of COVID-19.  Now lines are putting the brakes on cruising for even longer, some into June.  In most cases this also means generous future cruise credits for those expecting to cruise in the future, rather than simply taking a cash refund.  Keep reading for more information on these updates, including details on what you should do if your sailing is impacted... read more

History Made @ Sea: Celebrity Edge Sailed With an All Female Bridge Crew and Leadership Team

All Female Bridge Team on Celebrity EdgePeople of all types have a variety of career ambitions, yet only about one in fifty mariners is a woman.  Earlier this month, a team of talented women made history on the high-seas, as Celebrity Edge became the first cruise ship to be lead by an all-female bridge team and onboard leadership team.  This fantastic achievement is another step in the pursuit of equality under the line's thoughtful leadership of Lisa Lutoff-Perlo... read more

All Cruise Lines Stop Sailing for a Month - Time to Take a Breather. Time to Start Fresh.

Billy - The day after coronavirus cancelled cruisesIn the past several days we've seen one cruise line after another suspend operations because of the coronavirus pandemic.  Today however marked the end of cruising out of the United States for the next thirty days.  This has never happened in the history of cruising.  As someone who lives and breathes cruising, this is candidly a stunning moment - though also not a terrifically surprising one.  Psychologically though, this is probably a good reset button for me, and for the site... read more